SUZUKI’s Traditional SUV Motifs

Instantly Recognisable Individuality

The Vitara has a style of its own, combining the traditional image of a Suzuki SUV with unique modern accents and elements.

Vitara 1

Vitara 2

SUZUKI’s Traditional SUV Motifs

The essence of Suzuki’s SUV design, such as the clamshell bonnet, flared fender, fender garnish and thick C pillars, has been modernised and incorporated throughout the vehicle.


Vitara interior

Comfortable Enough To Drive Forever

Your heart will pulse with curiosity when you first sit in the driver’s seat and contemplate the time you will spend with the Vitara.
You’ll indulge in the spacious yet cosy interior that gently surrounds you.
And when the engine starts to rev, you’ll feel a rising excitement about all the places you want to visit. Already, your heart is running toward the next destination.





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