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Charmaine du Plessis Appointment As IMM Graduate School New Chief Marketing Officer

The IMM Graduate School is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Charmaine du Plessis as Chief Marketing Officer of the IMM Graduate School. Ms du Plessis will be responsible for overseeing the sales and marketing strategy for the institution. The IMM Graduate School is the well-renowned and reputable provider of higher education offering qualifications in marketing, supply chain and business management, enjoying a solid history of assessing, delivering and conferring degrees, diplomas and certificates of the highest academic integrity.

Ms du Plessis brings a wealth of experience to the IMM Graduate School with over 15 years’ experience in strategic communication management in higher education. Commenting on her appointment, the institution’s CEO Mr Dalein van Zyl said, “Charmaine brings invaluable experience to both the institution and the students. We look forward to her strategic acumen and extensive knowledge, and are confident the IMM Graduate School brand will be elevated to new heights.” Prior to joining the IMM Graduate School, Ms du Plessis worked at Varsity College, for the University of Johannesburg, and also enjoyed an insightful tenure as a Fulbright Fellow at Pennsylvania State University.

The IMM Graduate School and its students will benefit greatly from her extensive experience in the higher education sectors which will complement the existing high caliber expertise at the institution and her broad base of experience and exposure, both locally and internationally will be of noteworthy value to all stakeholders. “I am delighted to be working with the iconic IMM Graduate School brand which is still asked for by name in the industry. I embrace this opportunity to be a part of an environment involved in curriculum planning to ensure our graduates are job ready. Seeing our alumni achieve success is extremely rewarding and fulfilling; this is an indicator of us having done our jobs well,” she comments. “The road ahead is exciting, as we constantly innovate and use all the marketing, communication, PR and social tools at our disposal to take our renowned brand to the next level. As a team, we have great times ahead,” she enthused.

Ms du Plessis holds a Masters degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Johannesburg, an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication: Public Relations from the University of South Africa, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Johannesburg, an IMM Graduate School diploma and an advanced certificate from the Public Relations Institute of South Africa.

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