Top 5 SA Hip Hop News Websites In South Africa

SA Hip Hop is probably the most topical or popular music genre in South Africa. Below is a list of the top 5 SA Hip Hop News Sites In South Africa.

1.SA Hip Hop Mag

SA Hip Hop Mag is a SA hip hop news platform launched in 2015 and owned by Nine80 Digital Media. SA Hip Hop Mag has by far the largest Facebook following and traffic in South Africa for a hip hop site.

2. Slikour On Life

Slikour On Life is an urban (predominantly hip hop) culture website that caters for music fans through music; visual content, artist interviews, exclusive downloads, event coverage basically bringing personalities that much closer to the music lover.

3. Hype Magazine

HYPE magazine is a niche publication that focuses on hip hop culture and the upliftment and documentation there of. HYPE has been actively involved in the growth of South African hip hop for the past five years and has provided a platform for aspiring hip hop artists to showcase their talent and get the deserved recognition.

4. The Plug

The Plug is aimed at providing engrossing content about local street wear & hip hop culture. We’ll be featuring rising and established hip hop & fashion.


I speak Hip Hop magazine was officially founded in June 2011. The first issue was printed in January 2012 under media24 . They  have published 14 issues. Printing between 7000 to 10000 copies per an issue. Selling between 2000 to 5000 copies in store nationwide.


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